Unit 1 存款 deposit money 储蓄账户 savings account 储蓄债券 savings bond 商业领域 line of business 分销 distributing goods 高品质商品 high quality goods 停止运营 suspend operations 减少购买 curtail their buying 商业瘫痪 business paralysis Unit 2 制造业 manufacturing business 有形商品 tangible goods 服务业 service business 财务管控 financial controls 营销战略 marketing strategies 产品设计 product design 研发行为 research and development 竞争环境 competitive environment 财政政策 fiscal policy 生产线 production line 资源配置 allocation of resources 收入分配 distribution of income 微观经济环境 microeconomic environment 宏观经济环境 macroeconomic environment 财政年度 current fiscal year 公共支出和税收 public expenditure and taxation 货币政策 monetary policy 利息率 rate of interest 信贷的可获性 availability of credit 汇率政策 exchange rate policy 政府干预 government intervention 外汇市场 foreign exchange markets 经常项目和资本项目 the current and capital accounts' 收支平衡表 the balance of payments 国内货币政策 domestic monetary policy 利率水平 interest rate levels 国际贸易政策 international trade policy 出口补贴 subsidies for exports 进口关税 tariffs (duties) on imports 进口配额 import quotas 保护主义措施 protectionist measures 供给经济政策 supply-side policy 国有资产的私有化 privatization of state assets 市场经济 the market economy 工资支付水平 wage settlement 紧急措施 emergency measures 培训项目 training programs 就业政策 employment policy 刺激总需求 stimulation of aggregate demand Unit 3 制成品 manufactured goods 占…比例 account for 工业材料 industrial materials 原材料 raw materials 半成品 semi-manufactured items 资本品 capital goods 贸易伙伴 trading partner 贸易差额 the balance of trade Unit 4 限制贸易 restrict trade 自给自足 self-sufficiency 资本设备 capital equipment 中间产品 intermediate products 国内市场 domestic markets 外汇 foreign exchange 初级外向型 primary outward-looking stage 消费制成品 manufactured consumer goods 进口替代型的工业化 import-substituting industrialization 寻求海外市场 seek markets abroad 满足国内需求 satisfied domestic demand Unit 5 头版 front page 直接的新闻报道 straight news article 新闻特写 feature news article 后续报道 follow-up news article 导语 the lead paragraph 倒金字塔形 inverted pyramid form 农产品和工业品交易价格 farm and commodity exchange prices 分类广告 classified ads Unit 7 失业处于历史高点 unemployment at record highs 泡沫经济 bubble economy 焦虑指数 anxiety index 公司改组 corporate restructuring Unit 8 品牌名称 brand name 品牌象征 brand symbol 注册商标 registered trademarks 自有品牌 private brands 营销优势 marketing advantage 不知名品牌 lesser-known brand 有形和无形标志 tangible and intangible attributes 家族品牌 family branding 控制市场 dominated the market 获得全部的专有权 achieve complete exclusivity

国际协议 international agreements 灰色市场 “gray market” goods Unit 9 达到白热化 reached fever pitch 市场主导 market domination 公平竞争 fair competition 贴牌产品 Own-Label Products 企业巨头 the corporate heavyweights 品牌忠诚 brand loyalty 超市连锁店 supermarket chain 账面价值 the book value 品牌延伸 brand stretching 家喻户晓的名字 the household names 提升品牌知名度 increase brand-awareness 潜意识的广告 subliminal advertising 盗版 the pirate brands 市场饱和 market saturation 建议零售价 the recommended retail price 产品扩散 product proliferation 反消费者利益保护的运动 anti-consumerism movement 产品拥挤 product clutter Unit 10 有竞争性的价格 competitive pricing 市场研究机构 market-research firm 合资企业 via joint ventures 收购 mergers and acquisitions 国有企业 state-owned enterprises 上市公司 listed Chinese companies 售后服务 after-sales service 白色家电 white goods 宣传预算 promotion budget 专业店 a specialty shop 集体企业 a collective enterprise 分销渠道 distribution channels Unit 11 广告业 advertising industry 广告经费 advertising expenditures 潜在客户 potential customers 销售促进 sales promotion 机构广告 institutional advertising 行业协会 trade association 户外广告牌 outdoor billboards 单体店 one-unit department store 杂货铺 variety store 观众收视率 audience ratings 大众媒介 mass media 经销店 branch outlets Unit 12 产品系列 line of goods Unit 13 保险公司 insurance agencies 营销调研 marketing research 产品策划 product planning 商业交易 business transactions 非营利机构 nonprofit organizations Unit 15 购买动机 buying motives 冲动行为 act on impulse 店面形象 store image 商品类别 assortment of merchandise Unit 16 销售技巧 selling skills 求职 apply for a job 自由的企业制度 free enterprise system 折扣店 a discount store 创造就业机会 create employment 充分就业 full employment 创造额外的购买力 creates additional purchasing power 保持高水准生活 maintaining the high standard of living


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