幻灯片 1 The English Empire PC division earnings call multinational computer-friendly follow sb’s lead high-flyer recruit assemble integrate shrink status distinction merger

hefty fine incentive implement a policy revert to face up to the reality confer an advantage on sb. Rest on the laurels dominate harsh

幻灯片 2 Trade and Development Report 2013 productive capacity aggregate demand transition economy access liquidity disturbance volatile fragile financial institution hinder destination for capital flow external deficit

foreign indebtedness unsustainable conducive tackle protracted financial sector interest rate differential capital outflow sustained debt servicing excessive current account 幻灯片 3 Trade and Development Report 2013 repercussion motivate attempt sovereign debt resumption perception curtail portfolio resilient destabilize vulnerable merit

reorientation mitigate currency appreciation macroeconomic fundamentals extended period tightening monetary policy drastic reversal reserve currency exposure exercise caution sow seeds

幻灯片 4 Trade and Development Report 2013 euphoria prevalent view assumption complement recipient country empirical accompany stagnate substantial speculative instability liability

dry up hamper procyclical balance of payments credit crunch denominate nominal devaluation last resort debt monetization insolvency risk premium 幻灯片 5 Trade and Development Report 2013 overvaluation carry-trade speculation in line with exceed inflation target fiscal adjustment hypothesis deregulate take shape regulatory measure mechanism recapitalize

wind down retail banking diversity expand bailout prescribe application small and medium-sized enterprise adapt finance v. interdependence non-performing loans

幻灯片 6 Doing it their way blockbuster depiction neutral Positive negative billboard feature luxury sales explode online shopping spring up evolve transform

emergence poised overtake boost shift the balance briskly in absolute terms broker statistics understate

paradoxically urbanize

幻灯片 7 Doing it their way consultancy forecast trilliion striking property migrant worker consumption boom aspirational conspicuous consumer trade up to staple release

favor hold sth. in high esteem appeal premium cars brand hopping rife pin down to brand loyalty brand switching ferocious competition publicity first-mover advantage 幻灯片 8 Doing it their way symbolize seek subtle complication global outlook rise to prominence

discerning shopper compress outbound tourists double triple well-established

online shopping agent sales came to.. leap run Cross-boarder service mark-up hefty tax stock up on counterfeit goods wide-ranging crackdown on corruption Slow down rollout

幻灯片 9 Doing it their way boutique launch caputre upwardly mobile flashy brands affluent lead the way extravaganza E-commerce platform peer review make or break a product Pay a hefty premium

attribute discerning prove one’s worth pay off promote

relish the thought of outdoor pursuit redeem implication suite niche product distinctive 幻灯片 10 Doing it their way innovation be accumstomed to the Chinese Zodiac venue unveil special-edition blend kick off the global launch demanding startup tagline Low-end Unified

幻灯片 11 The inevitability of instability frequency severity stabilize mismatch assets liabilities reserve requirements leverage curb assess opt for response regulatory regime supervisor keep track of

infraction evade credibility argument estimate in excess of drive up stay in line with constrain trade deficit 幻灯片 12 The inevitability of instability step in inflate an asset bubble subsidiary Balkanisation crimp minimise the consequence Deposit insurance levy resolution plan bonus

幻灯片 13 Manage your work Manage your life elusive deliberate react emergency engage with prosper foothold vigilantly endeavour due reconcile draw on

momentum define success relocate collaborate intriguing emerge survey data place value on… ongoing rewarding community contend with 幻灯片 14 Manage your work Manage your life version associate…with assign metric prioritize accessible caution a common concern be plugged in erode performance mundane hamper Initiative

strikingly collide with validate break up measure sth. against exemplary role modeling make a distinction between infringement on consistent

available flexibility appreciate

幻灯片 15 Manage your work Manage your life vent perspective derail mentor split integration novelty counterbalance socialize churn acquire experience unencumbered international assignment/ posting sidetrack cut back on tricky gender role intimidating sample attribute … to.. get trapped in.. mesh with… exposure globe-hopping

幻灯片 16 Manage your work Manage your life skill diversity tall order shared vision complementary boil down to

unceasing indispensable militant by contrast hectic schedule presumably realm elite group be positioned to sobering dispense valuable advice acknowledge concession headway prioritize forgo repercussion tension 幻灯片 17 Manage your work Manage your life be dominated by.. make accommodations for… coexist assert disregard stick with trade-off crucial earnestly

Confirm Grab/pursue.. Opportunity Concentrate/focus on efforts

幻灯片 18 Who can you trust?

outsourcing service arise budget constraint prospect in exchange for commit to dilemma contractor fidelity verify claim account for… put oneself at a disadvantage scenario anonymity confirmation trustworthy Generate revenue integrity Proxy Endorse Spring up Meet the demand

幻灯片 19 Who can you trust? trait abandon the notion trustworthiness flaw intuition trade-off guarantee slip accountability corrupt pitch duration

findings vulnerability randomly simulation incompetence capability alluring at stake solid predictor warranted subconsciously gesture Instinctively 幻灯片 20 Who can you trust? Ascertain Cue Built-in Deliberate on Distract Extract from.. Unimpeded by.. Misperception Bias Dispel Outweigh

Corrupt Job recruiter Assign sb. To do sth. Elevate Condemn Unethical

幻灯片 21 Fighting the flab Slim down Disgruntled Headquarters

Feature Crown jewel Upgrade Complex n. Shed Flabby Administrative bloat Overheads Highlight Family –run Acquisition Private equity In partnership with Undergo Justified Apply Well-run Headcount Profit margin Crusade Run out of steam 幻灯片 22 Fighting the flab Digital technology Oversight Deregulation Strengthen control over… Lean production Compliance Counter sth. With… Reserve course Simplification strategy Far-flung operations Shareholder Artificial Business activities 幻灯片 23 A long and winding road Consortium Back ( up) v.

IPO Unglamorous Fall out of favor with… Plug the gap Infrastructure financing Wary Long-term loan Toll road Dry up Straitened Make up the shortfall Plough money into… Endowment Sovereign wealth Cash flow Returns Secure v Hedged against Correlation Illiquid Hold on to Budding asset Issue Institutional investor 幻灯片 24 A long and winding road Soar Buy-out firm Initiative Dear Rigour Private sector Bring down the cost Seamless Appeal to… Cost overrun Dearth Result in… Crave Notably Entrant

Financial titan Trillion Infrastructure spending Readily available Recover money/investment Poach Insurer Pension fund

幻灯片 25 Peering into the entrails Upbeat Equity market government bond Financial Variable Spread between short and long-term rates Spare capacity Bond yield Profit Margin Overheat Bond Yield Emerging economies Decline

Deflation Crack down on Collateral Financial transaction Divergence Slowdown Modest Take a hit underestimate Enhance Take on leverage 幻灯片 26 Peering into the entrails Buy-back Boost Earnings per share

takeover Ratio Merger Mania acquisitive

幻灯片 27 Spring in the air Boom Tipping point Tie… to Proceeds Issue a bond Earmark Niche product Financial instrument Financial institution Raise money Preserve n. Designate Euro-denominated Take over Issuer Oversubscribe Hybrid Public sector Renewable Portfolio Pile in Teething problems Corporate-bond market

幻灯片 28 The charm of the BBC Systematic Stick with the decision Misalignment

Entrepot economy Entail Keep its grip on… Trade-dependent Retain Emulate Stance Trajectory Undisclosed Conform to.. Capricious Mercurial

Currency regime Evolution Experiment with Benchmark Explore Intervene Wrongfoot Steady appreciation Take the hint Divine Ad hoc Trading band/limits Approach Fluctuate Crawl

幻灯片 29 Just one more fix Fix prices Trustbuster bold Cartel Biennial Fall foul of Feature Collude with Sin Wooden acting Gripping

Ensure the authorities Law enforcement Compliance Charge sb. Alert sb. To.. Tender Horizontal Vertical Overcharge Tempting Blow the whistle Standardized Relevant Conspiracy Version Court filing in response to 幻灯片 30 Just one more fix In response to Landscape Trade barrier Advent Disruptive technology Squeeze Plead guilty Erect Rip off Swap information Misdemeanour infiltrate Penalty Harsh Tenfold Turnover Put … behind bars Arrest warrant Impose penalty Work in tandem

Lax attitude Convict Root out Leniency Confess

幻灯片 31 Just one more fix Stem from Spill the beans Amnesty Reveal Expose Flip side Take a hard line against Transgression Financial derivative LIBOR Unleash Number crunching Civil litigation Opt out of/ for Attorney general Impediment Harmonize Deterrence Factor in Sanction Optimal Enforcement Appropriation Crimp

幻灯片 32 Just one more fix Base penalties on… Coordinate Indict Pending Appeal Alleged

Side with.. Overt Blur Distinguish Spell out Uniform Ambiguity Slot Option irrational 幻灯片 33 Up,up and away Sturdy Exit Easy monetary policy Keep out of Deflation Stretch off into Fend off Project v. Normalization Recede cushion

Rock-bottom Savings glut Repay debt Deleverage Evaporate Bear responsibility Complication Erode the value Raise the odds Collision Get stuck between… 幻灯片 34 Up, up and away Mounting Ease pressure Speed up

Repay a loan Undermine Credibility Nonchalance Undershot Entrenched

幻灯片 35 Swissness is not enough Adapt Survive Discretion Be dogged by Prominent Opt for Limited liability Offerings Akin to Concierge service Bank secrecy Dish out Hefty fines Tax authorities Breach Quota Draft Access to EU markets Draft Outlaw Incentive Churn portfolio 幻灯片 36 Swissness is not enough Turmoil Salvation Emerge Operations Asset management

Transparent Prone to Ahead of the curve Diversify Have a presence Counter-intuitively Private banking Spin off Be recognized as the best Pillar Add-on

幻灯片 37 Sorry, no vacancy Reluctant Figure out Shortfall Crunch information Shunned by Translate … into… Chase Dodge the attention Culpable Rock-bottom Red tape Lay the blame on Purchasing power parity Commodity-driven Export revenues Dynamics Higher-value-added Embrace Structural reform stunted 幻灯片 38 Broken contacts Plunge In tatters Collateral Hard currrency

Hedge Pledge Overhang Stockpile Weaken Manufacturing activitiy Consecutive Surplus Outpace Notoriously Opaque Rebound in growth Revive demand Pile pressure on to Wariness creditor 幻灯片 39 Broken contacts Service debts Crack down on Speculation Shadow banking Evade controls on.. Letter of credit Raise funds Lucrative Arbitrage Dodge Keep sth. On shore Bonded warehouse Unfold Hypersensitive At record highs Overcapacity Debt repayment Get out of hand Unwinding Accelerate Stem from Impending A wide range of…


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