1. singer A. single C. length 2. practiced A. pushed C. planned

B. anger D. congratulate B. planned D. praised

3. busy A. substance C. glue 4. bargain A. again C. gain 5. uncle A. bunch C. potential

B. build D. barbecue
B. certain D. mountain B. answer D. anxious

冬季备考2 6. (A) --- What did Mr. Smith do in the middle of the night? --- Well, I’m not sure, but he was often heard ____. A. singing the same song B. to sing the same song C. sing a same song D. to be playing same song

6. (B) Many staff members have headaches due to ____ in the poorly ventilated office building. A. work B. working C. be working D. have worked 7. The computers made by our company sell best, but several years ago no one could have imagined the role in the markets that they ____. A. were playing B. have played C. were to play D. played

8. For the whole year the nation, struck by the unwanted war, was in a ____ of grief and indignation. A. situating B. position C. condition D. state 9. --- I’m terribly sorry that I failed to win the game. --- You are not to blame for ____ you could do. A. all B. anything C. much D. something

10. --- I need some fresh air, so I am going out for a walk. --- ____. A. You’d better not B. Have fun C. With pleasure D. I sure am 11. --- Do remember to take this medicine three times a day with warm boiled water. --- ____. A. Heard it B. Make it C. Got it D. Taken it

12. (A) Ahead of me I saw a group of children ____ I thought were my students. A. who B. whom C. whose D. of whom 12. (B) The solders soon reached ____ was once an old temple ____ the villagers used to serve as a school. A. what; which B. which; where C. where; which; D. what; where

13. (A) It is said that the ____ building was designed by a famous Frenchman, who has thousands of excellent works all over the world. A. red stone beautiful B. stone beautiful red C. beautiful stone red D. beautiful red stone 13.(B) If you win the competition, you will be given ____ to Europe for two. A. trip for 7 days free B. a free trip for 7day

14. --- You ____ getting a ticket. --- Yes, but I didn’t notice the road sign when I was turning the corner. A. should have avoided B. must have avoided C. could have avoided D. might avoid 15. The bus driver insisted that he ____ at normal speed and therefore shouldn’t be responsible for the child’s death. A. had driven B. drove C. should drive D. was driving

16. The car ____ at the present speed until it reaches the foot of the mountain at about nine o’clock tonight. A. went B. will be going C. goes D. is going 17. I have kept that picture ____ I can see it every day as it always reminds me of my university days in London. A. in which B. whether C. where D. when

18. I would have gone to visit him in the hospital had it been at all possible, but I ____ fully occupied the whole of last week. A. were B. had been C. have been D. was 19. If I were in a movie, then it would be about time that I ____ my head in my hands for a cry. A. bury B. am burying C. buried D. would bury

20.(A) It is to develop creative thinking ____ we take these new courses, whether it is science or arts, but not to get the high test scores. A. as B. that C. if D. when 20.(B) We should be able to do the job for you quickly, ____ you give us all the necessary information. A. in case B. provided that C. or else D. as if

66. Having quarreled with me, she regretted (后悔) losing her temper. _________ 67. I found the play so boring beyond description ____________ (描述). 68. Do you know that a worker ant has stomachs two ___________ (胃) in his body? brains 69. If I had your _________ (脑筋), I could do better in my exams.

70. Children are taught to believe in the principal _____________ (原则) of equal opportunity for every one. 71. On Peace Day, no fighting or conflicts __________ (冲突) are allowed. People learn and talk about peace. 72. The fridge does notwork ____________(运转) very well; you’d better get it repaired.

Organic 73. _____________ (有机的) vegetables are those that are grown without chemicals. energy people usually have more 74. Young ___________ (精力) than the old, so they can work longer. solutes 75. When a soldier meets an officer, the soldier often _________ (敬礼) him.

石器时代,是考古学家假定的一个时间区段,为考古学上的术语。石器时代分为旧石器时代、中石器时代与新石器时代。考古学对早期人类历 史分期的第一个时代,即从出现人类到青铜器的出现,大约始于距今二三百万年,止于距今5000至2000年左右。

回合游戏石器时代 http://www.shiqi.tw/ 回合游戏石器时代

这一名称是英国考古学家卢伯克于1865年首先提出的,这个时代在地质年代上已进入全新世。石器时代只是个时间区段概念,石器时代并不代 表那个时候的人类只会使用石器;据近代考古出土大量的文化遗存表明,几千年前的古人已经步入冶铸、稻作、制陶、纺织等文明时期。青铜、 铁器为金属品,遗存几千年的较少;陶器、玉器可存时间长,出土的遗存较多。 许人。”“是。”“这次见,出落得越发好了,难得是机伶顺意。”老太太又道。明秀在旁边笑。“你娘也跟你说过,你二姐姐在宫里,想有 个伴儿。”老太太果然把话题移过来,“本来呢,你跟你二姐姐,是最亲了。”明秀低头揉着衣带。“秀儿,这么多孩子里,你是最大方明礼 的,奶奶也不跟你绕着了,”老太太道,“你看咱们要跟你二姐姐找个伴当,珞儿肯不肯?”明秀声如蚊蚋:“珞儿跟二姐姐的感情,向来是 很好的。这些年也一直念着二姐姐。”“这孩子有情意。”老太太叹道,“可惜你笙妹妹病成这样??不回她自己院子,又去哪好呢?”第四 十二章 梅香惹人约黄昏(4) “奶奶,三哥院里倒是空着,柳少姨娘素来也疼笙妹妹,你看让笙妹妹过去可好?”明秀提议。苏三公子明词, 出仕在安城,作司马。他的妻子彥氏,新婚燕尔,又无子嗣,当然随他上任去。留下一个柳姓姨娘,是作丫头时就跟了苏明词的,代小俩口留 在苏家,给老人尽孝。明词院里没其他男人在,柳少姨娘为防物议,起居极贞静,虽在外院,其实同内院无甚差别,更难得从没跟表 闹过别 扭。搬到那里是挺合宜。“你这孩子真周到。”老太太抚着明秀的手,“我只怕珞儿没你周详,进了宫,要吃亏。你跟珞儿相处得多,对她品 性,总比我一个老太婆更了解些。你看她如何?”福珞若在当场,准手心出汗,等明秀多说几句好话。明秀答应过她的!但明秀只推逊道: “秀儿怎比得奶奶看人准。”“你说说罢!”老太太再三要求。明秀这才道:“旁的也说不好,只不过一起玩的时候,珞儿时常有些好主意, 我们照她做去,果然不错,因此都爱同她玩。”老太太又问了些细节,再将明秀出阁时要带的一些贵重物品、家常得用物色,同明秀商议。明 秀除了涉及福珞的问话时,老老实实说几句,后头那些只是低头听、红着脸笑,再不发一语。老太太好生抚慰疼惜她一番,放她回去。嘉颜早 已吩咐人着手搬表 东西往三少爷院子去,转回来,正见明秀走,便替明秀打起帘子,一直送到中门。老太太的心腹封嫂则静静侍立老太太跟 前,晓得老太太一定有话要说。老太太沉吟片刻,摩挲着玉扳指,开口道:“这阵子,事儿倒多。”“千头万绪归总一件,”封嫂坦诚,“同 宫里的事。”要找人进宫,是宫里的事;同太守家的商谈,最重要的话题也都围绕宫中势力站队问题;连宝音的死,其实也是宫里的事。老太 太抬了抬手,封嫂一见她动作,已知她心意,忙上前替她揉眉心。老太太便把手放下了,半闭起眼睛,絮叨道:“唐家自个儿倒没有闺女封娘 娘,他们旁支,一个亲王、一个郡王家的夫人,在上头还是跟贵妃走得最近。我们家诗丫头跟的是昭仪,与贵妃关系也还可。唐家已交了底, 若借这婚事,诗丫头牵


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